Cobalt sales management Provides The Tools and Processes You Need To Transform The Way You Hire Salespeople

So your new sales rep aced the interview process…

They were charming, well-spoken, presentable, and checked all of the boxes for industry experience. They seemed like a great fit for your company culture.

Six months in and they have gained little to no traction. They don’t seem to be working out. You are baffled because they seemed to be ideal for the position.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a new rep hasn’t met your expectations. This has been your experience more times than not. You are exhausted and frustrated by the time it takes and the money you’ve sunk on sales reps that don’t perform well enough or soon enough. 

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take right now to solve that problem for good. 

We have partnered with Objective Management Group (OMG) to deliver best-in-class sales talent evaluation tools and a step-by-step hiring process.


What We Do

We provide you with a turn-key sales-specific hiring process and candidate assessment so reliable that you could eliminate 95% of the mistakes typically made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers, too). Never again be fooled by a candidate’s charming personality, perfect track record, or exaggerated resume. Don’t invest six months to a year to learn whether you hired someone who will meet your expectations.


Want to experience the magic in the OMG Sales Candidate Assessment yourself? Simply provide some basic contact information and you'll immediately be able to assess one sales candidate. To get the most out of our trial, use it to assess a real sales candidate (not a current employee).

Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

It costs a lot of time and money to hire and train salespeople. Those bad choices can haunt you long after they exit. Did you know the cost of a sales hiring mistake is on average 3x-5x’s the annual pay of that position? How much have bad sales hires cost your company?

Sales Recruiting Process Grader

The sales position is unlike every other position in your company. Are you using the same talent acquisition processes and personality tests you use for the rest of your company? This will never give you the predictable results you need.

Modern Science of Salesperson Selection

This White Paper has it all. Research, empirical data, evidence, and insights into how accurately you can predict sales success in sales candidates in any business calling into any marketplace. This is not based on personality assessments or behavioral styles assessments. Rather it is truly contextual - based on sales-specific questions asked to over 2 million salespeople. 


Now more than ever, hiring salespeople who fail to meet your expectations is likely one of the more frustrating and costly issues you face trying to grow your business. 

What would it mean for you if every salesperson you hired met or exceeded their sales goals?


If you like doing things yourself, then subscription access to the OMG Sales Candidate Assessment could be right up your alley. 
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