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As a highly skilled sales professional, Greg has garnered more than 20 years of experience working with startups and Fortune 50 companies alike. He gained his expertise as a system, product, and sales manager within a variety of industries including medical devices, technology, and insurance.

Greg was recognized as a leader early in his career as he made his way into the medical device industry, starting as a sales representative. Within 18 months, he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager and given multiple projects, including testing and reporting on various new medical product introductions. Later on, as a direct result of his success growing new markets within the endoscopy division, Greg was given an entire specialty area to grow and manage. Taking that experience to other medical device companies, Greg oversaw both sales teams and independent distribution network groups. During his tenure, he was able to produce a 48% increase in company sales in one year.

Greg has mastered the art of creating a successful, sales-driven organization and possesses a keen grasp on what salespeople need to reach new plateaus in their ongoing selling efforts. He has adeptly hired, trained, and managed sales teams – small and large. Greg also embodies the leadership and coaching qualities that motivate others. Under Greg’s guidance and supervision, sales representatives have risen from mediocre performance ratings into Top 3 positions within their companies.

Greg instinctively understands the needs of both the CEO and the salesperson. He has a unique gift for being able to balance the needs of the entire organization while improving the skill sets and systems under his care. His love of technology and data analytics has brought him success in the tech industry as well. Greg employs a rare blend of expertise and orthogonal thinking to bring about positive change in an organization. This unique approach has enabled him to successfully implement strategic planning initiatives and streamline administrative functions at the companies he has served. Working in the insurance industry, he gained a reputation for building relationships with those in the C-Suite and helping middle-market companies optimize their risk management programs.

Ultimately, Greg’s adaptability and genuine love for problem-solving makes him a very intuitive and effective partner. Within different industries, he has expertly processed large amounts of new information in order to understand the business landscape and improve on specific areas of potential growth. His passion for entrepreneurial endeavors has given him the opportunity to help smaller companies grow and scale. With his diverse background, Greg has built an impressive portfolio of services which includes creating effective marketing programs, implementing sales incentive programs, coordinating product launches, providing consultative sales training and helping to outline quantitative metrics.

Greg and his wife, Cara, enjoy parenting their two-year-old young son, Jack. Greg is very active in his church, has coached youth football at the local Y, and has served on committees for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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