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A rare blend of expertise and orthogonal thinking.


As a highly skilled sales professional, Greg has garnered more than 20 years of experience working with startups and Fortune 50 companies alike. He gained his expertise as a systems, product, and sales manager within a variety of industries including medical device, technology, and insurance.

Increased Sales Revenue100%
Sales Process Development100%
Sales Coaching100%
Sales Talent Acquisition100%

What we do

Decrease Costs

By outsourcing and fractionalizing the sales manager position, I offer frustrated SMB owners a way to grow sales without the chaos of an under-managed sales force. 


We identify key sales issues specific to your business and then I implement corrective actions that result in revenue growth through proven and repeatable sales processes.

Hire Great Salespeople

Utilize a proven process and sales candidate assessment tool that results in 92% of recommended hires rising to the top half of your salesforce within one year.

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