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Sales Talent Acquisition

Hiring the right salespeople for your business is likely one of the most frustrating parts of growing your business.

It costs a lot of time and money to hire and train salespeople, only to have them leave. Those bad choices can haunt you long after they exit. Data shows the cost of a hiring mistake is at minimum three times the annual pay of that position. How much have those bad hires cost your company? Click here to do the math.

The sales position is unlike every other position in your company. Using the same processes and personality tests you use for determining the right fits for the rest of your company will never give you the predictable results you need. If you would like to know how your sales recruitment process stacks up, you can have your process graded here.

At Cobalt Sales Management, we help you implement a sales specific process and candidate assessment so reliable that you could eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers, too) and never again be fooled by an individual’s charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume. You won’t have to wait six months to a year to learn whether your next candidate will succeed in your particular business.

To learn more about the Modern Science of Salesperson Selection, click here to download a free white paper.

If you would like the opportunity to try the Sales Candidate Assessment for yourself, register here for a free assessment to use with whomever you wish.

Finally, if you’d like to invite us to speak with you regarding how we can help you improve your own Sales Talent Acquisition Routine, click here to schedule a 15-minute discovery call.

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